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It’s about that time….

It is the end of the year! Oh my goodness! I can’t believe it!!!! This time next year I will be thinking about graduation. That is crazy! So quick recap of the year! We had an amazing Cornhuskin’ and I get teary eyed thinking that I will be participating in my last Corn 😦 We had Ring Week and Ring Dinner! I know am the proud owner of my Meredith College Onyx! There were so many great memories made this year and I hate that it went by so quickly! (Even though at some points it didn’t seem like it was going by fast at all.) This spring we have had countless nights of late night study sessions and sometimes thought that this year was never going to end. We just did STUNT a few weeks ago which was a great break from all of the work that we are loaded down with! I also just watched my Lil’s go to their Fire and Water Dinner, there first tradition at Meredith. That made me reflect a little on the past three years that I have spent at MC….sigh…. I don’t want to be this close to leaving this wonderful place! But enough sappiness, it is time to sign out for a while. Since the school year is ending and I will be headed back home for the summer, this is my last blog for a while. I hope summer is wonderful for all of you and you get to have some fun! The pool will be my best friend on the weekends after long weeks of working summer camp with my awesome campers! So until next time… Have a safe and wonderful summer and of course, THINK MEREDITH 🙂


Staci Lee


“To Do List” Like a Pro


In the past few weeks, tons of work has been piling up. I have been thinking about how to effectively use a “To Do” list. I tend to go for the long list of things that never get checked off because the list is just so long. Here are some ideas that I have been using, well testing, to see which one I like best. And with senior year approaching I think that these might just come in handy!


ImageImage Image

Hope these ideas are useful! I can’t wait to try these out!

Pretty Simple

Work out, work out!

It is that time. Spring, which leads to summer. Now in the summer time I am a summer camp counselor for a group of wonderful children back home. I love it! I have had many summers at this camp and I am kind of sort of freaking out that it may be one of my last summers there due to the fact that this time next year I will be searching for a “big kid” job (as I like to call it). Oh my goodness, that brings me to a side note: I WILL BE GRADUATING NEXT YEAR. STOP… HOLD THE PHONE. I don’t even want to think about it. …. Okay, bringing it back. SO.. with summer right around the corner…. which summer shouldn’t be the excuse to get fit but I do want to able to keep up with my overly active kids this summer. I am going to talk about some options for workouts that came from … none other than Pinterest. In addition to doing all the various workout DVDs that are laying around my apartment, I found some pretty nifty things on Pinterest that I will be trying out (along with some motivation tools that I have hanging around my apartment).

Above are all tools that I have found useful. You can find tons of great ideas on Pinterest or you can go to the local Target to pick up some DVDs like Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred, TaeBo, or Pilates. There are tons of ways to work out and be healthy without having to go to the gym or spends tons of money. Thankfully, I go to MC which has a pretty awesome Greenway that I can walk on any time I want!

Until next time,

Staci Lee

Spring is here!!

So one of my favorite things is… SPRING. Why? Because I love all of the beautiful colors, the nice weather (for the most part), and of course  it is just beautiful around campus! I am definitely enjoying my views on the way to class! Trees are blossoming, flowers a growing and it just makes me so happy! So I have decided in honor of spring I would post some pictures of some spring things 🙂

Just look how beautiful! I don’t know about you… But I am about to go enjoy some of this wonderful weather while it is still light outside!

Until next time!

Staci Lee


Introducing Meredith College’s 8th President- Dr. Jo Allen (MC Class of 1980)

Today was an exciting day here on Meredith College’s campus! It was the inauguration of President Allen, a 1980 alumnae of Meredith! The instillation ceremony was held at the Raleigh Memorial Auditorium this morning at 10am. What a beautiful day for such a wonderful event. There were honored guests, faculty, staff, alumnae, students, family and friends.There were alumnae from every class since 1934 who attended the event! How amazing!

We are blessed to have such a wonderful President take the reigns of Meredith College.

As Ms. Cheek so beautifully stated during her time speaking, Dr. Allen has “walked the steps and dreamed the dreams of a Meredith student.”

I strongly believe that Meredith has selected a wonderful, strong, and amazing woman for the job. Here are just a few photos from this week and today’s festivities. Image

President Allen made an appearance at our student event to celebrate her on Monday, March 19th! We were serenading her as she stood on the balcony in front of Johnson Hall with sophomore, Caitlyn Debona and senior and SGA President, Jennifer Lynn Prince.


The theme of the Inauguration week was “Remembering our roots, extending our reach.”


Ms. Jewel Balantine Stephens-the oldest living alumna of Meredith College.


We are so happy to have you at MC!

Photos from Michelle Cox, Class President 2013

Over spring break I had the chance to just relax! It was absolutely amazing. I just hung out with family and friends and enjoyed all my time at home. But, now it is back to the grind of school work. It’s the homestretch! I can’t even believe it, how fast the time is flying. It is already time to start looking at classes for the Fall semester of my SENIOR year. It feels like yesterday I was just starting out here at MC. Oh, how time flies!!

So, with that said, a few tests this week and some projects to work on and I will finally be at the weekend! I can’t believe it’s almost Wednesday!


It’s the home stretch!!!


Until next time,